About Us

     Hello! My name is Nhung - I'm the founder and owner of Quiet Blooms. I picked up this name for my personal blog quite a long time ago. For your curiosity, it was all about beauty tips and skincare routine. I am still writing occasionally, but adding a bit more about my motherhood experience. Ah yes, sometimes I cannot believe that I'm a mom now and my precious boy is almost 18-month old! Oh TIMEEE!

     Back to the name, there was a time when my dad visited me and he pointed to a tree in front of my place. He complimented its flower which was so beautiful, having a bold and full bloom with a very pretty bright pinkish red color. He kept talking about it for a few days and even wished to plan it in his front yard. I caught him a few times looking at it constantly .. while my mom did not even care. 


     When he left, I just began to pay more attention to it after all those years I had lived in that place. The more I looked at it, the more I adored it. It doesn't need my attention or compliment to bloom. And it just quietly blooms, even not thinking of competing with the flower next to it. Then, I think each of us should just be like it.

Quiet blooms like a flower, be beautiful as we are.

     And I transfer that name from my blog to my store. Quiet Blooms is an online boutique where I hand-selected every single piece. I tried to select the wardrobe pieces that are timeless but still trendy, for the people who still want to catch up with a busy city life in some days but also want to enjoy the moments of the old days in another time. For whatever style you choose, please remember to feel happy and be yourself wearing it without worrying of other people judgement. We are just beautiful as we already are! 💛🧡

April 30th, 2021

His daddy is taking this pic for us!